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 The Gulf of Mexico Alliance Education and Engagement (EE) Team's Network Working Group would like to design and plan a Team face-to-face activity (different from the winter Team meeting held in February). We need the EE Team's membership to help refine what we will do. This proposed meeting addresses a goal in the EE Team's portion of the Alliance's Action Plan III to, "Increase education and engagement network collaboration to reduce duplication, leverage resources and expand local, regional, and national opportunities."
Per the Action Plan, specific actions the Team could address at this proposed meeting are:

A. Improve team communication and peer-to-peer learning
B. Expand partnerships with education and engagement organizations, including non governmental organizations
C. Develop Alliance educational partnerships with non-educational organizations, such as business, non-profits and industry

Our network is comprised of diverse professionals conducting a wide-range of education, engagement, and communication to varying stakeholders. To help narrow down the objectives for the Team's proposed face-to-face meeting, please complete the following questions. The target audience is ourselves, the EE Team.